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April 27, 2020
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Garden Candle Lanterns Create A Warm And Inviting Outdoor Space

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Garden candle lanterns are an affordable way to make an outdoor space feel welcoming and warm. Candles bring warmth indoors and out, so adding this flattering and elegant lighting source to an outdoor space is just the thing to make the area feel inviting.

Candle lanterns are usually quite decorative, so those wanting to bring color and style into an outdoor space are in luck. Even before the lanterns are lit, they have already added interest to the patio or balcony. There are lanterns that are simple and chic and design, which are perfect for modern and contemporary style gardens.

Garden candle lanterns offer the most ambiance in the evening. The light is just enough to bring warmth to an outdoor space without overwhelming those in the area. While floodlights and traditional outdoor light fixtures are harsh and bright, candle lanterns offer soft, subtle lighting. It is still possible to enjoy the moonlight and the flash of lightning bugs with candle lanterns, but the lanterns add a warm, consistent glow to the space. Lanterns can be used to accent certain areas of an outdoor space or to light a walkway for safe travels to and from the home.

Garden candle lanterns come in a variety of styles. Some sit on tables or on the floor, while others are intended to be hung from light posts or a hook on an outdoor building. Most are lightweight enough to be moved from space to space, so they are appropriate for use in any part of the garden. If dining outside, the candle lantern can light the tablescape and then be moved to a seating or outdoor lounge area.

In addition to installation and display, lanterns are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The typical lantern is comprised of four sides, made of metal and glass. Glass panels might be etched with a design or lettering, further diffusing the light. The glass panels allow the candlelight to shine through without putting users in danger. More elaborate garden candle lanterns might be hexagonal or round in shape or made from wood or ceramic. Lanterns might also have metal scrollwork or cut-out shapes, many of which are very elaborate. When choosing a style lantern, opt for something that is safe and that complements the existing decor in an outdoor space.

Those with elaborate outdoor spaces featuring several sections can use garden candle lanterns to tie the spaces together. A consistent collection of lanterns creates a theme in the space, while different lantern designs designate areas as formal, fun, casual or utilitarian.

The ambiance a garden candle lantern adds to a space creates a warm, elegant feeling. Even the most casual outdoor space will feel chic and stylish when lit by candlelight. The lanterns are perfect for homeowners who love to entertain, as well as those who use their gardens and outdoor space for solitude and meditation. Choosing scented candles is a subtle way to add fragrance to an outdoor space. Using cintronella scented candles is a stylish way to repel bugs. The flicker of the candlelight is all that is needed to entice people into the space.


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