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May 10, 2020
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Glass Tea Cups: Add A Little Elegance To The Table

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Glass tea cups are exactly what they sound like: tea cups made out of glass. Most are clear, but they can have prints on the glass that give it a more decorative feel. Even without the prints, a plain clear tea cup has a very delicate, elegant appearance. You can find them in different shapes but they will always be made with special glass forms that are highly resistant to heat.

Enjoying Tea Cups at Home

When you sit down to enjoy a cup of tea at home you have certain expectations. You want the tea to taste true to its type without any hint of lingering flavor from other teas enjoyed in the past. You want a peaceful environment that allows you to let your guard down and relax.

Of course, you want to smell the tea along with each sip. This is always part of the enjoyment of sipping tea.

You can get all of these things with glass tea cups. Glass washes away all hints of flavor from one tea so you don't pick it up with another type of tea prepared on another day. Glass also allows you to see your tea so you can determine when it has brewed up to the strength you like it.

Finally, glass tea cups have a very elegant, peaceful look that is soothing. You can see the color of the tea and really appreciate its appearance as well as scent and taste. The way it feels on your tongue and inside your cheeks is amplified by the beautiful appearance through the glass tea cup.

Entertaining with Glass Tea Cups

The same elegance and heightened enjoyment comes out when you serve guests with glass tea cups as well. You should have a glass pot that is also used. This way guests can take one look at the pot and determine if it is brewed to the strength they take or if they want to pass on it. Some may prefer to let it turn a deeper color so they know they get the strength they prefer.

Glass cups also look beautiful and elegant sitting out on a table. This is especially true if you are using a blooming flower tea and allow the tea pot to sit on the table for everyone to appreciate.

Blooming Flower Teas

Blooming flower teas are the main purpose of using glass pots and tea cups. Tea bags are sewn into little balls with flowers in the center. When hot water is poured over the ball it unwraps and the flower comes out and blooms right in the tea. It is beautiful to watch so you might not want to drink the tea right away!

Glass tea pots and tea cups are used for this type of tea because it is the only way to actually see the flower bloom. Just looking at the pot of tea with the beautiful flower inside adds elegance to the table. This is an affordable, simple way to give your guests something special when entertaining. Or, it is just an affordable way to pamper yourself a little bit.

Glass cups are essential if you are using a glass tea pot. They can also be used with other types of tea pots if you just want to grace your table with something extra special.


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