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June 30, 2020
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How To Choose The Best Colors And Accessories For Your Bedroom And Bathroom

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The bedroom and bathroom are two places in your home that should be calm and relaxing. These rooms should be a refuge away from the stresses of your everyday life. Here are some ways to make that happen.

Bedroom: Color

Your bedroom should be decorated in neutral calming colors. Neutral colors will help you feel relaxed and calm in the evening you should always use neutral colors instead of bright colors in your bedroom. In the morning the colors will be easy on your eyes so you start the day relaxed.


The bedding and pillows should be soft and make you comfortable. You can try different types of fabrics.
Your bed should feel welcoming, so it is important to have a comfortable mattress.

Design Help

You can look up ideas on the internet for your sweet haven.Check out some design channels for styles and colors you like.

Try to make this room comfortable for yourself. You might try out different styles and colors until you find one that suits you. Remember that a can of paint is actually much less expensive than bedding, so you can experiment with your room color to save money instead of buying new bedding.


Your bathroom is used many times a day so it is a very important and busy room. Here are some ideas for slowing it down a bit.

Keep things simple with colors. You want to have light colors or neutral. Bright colors in a small place make it feel confided. Another idea is to get creative with flowers; you could add a vase with some brighter flowers. If there is little counter space try putting them on the floor in a corner.

You can make your own wall decorations with snapshots arranged in a collage or shadow box.

Seashells and sand are pretty accent pieces; try them in a bowl by the sink.

There are a variety of fabrics, try experimenting with them.

Water fountains or even the sound of one will relax you quickly.

The best way to add relaxation to your bathroom is with candles. Light them while you take a bath for a relaxing glow. Candles will also add a calming aroma to your bathroom.

When you consider the amount of time spent in your bedroom and bathroom, it is worth making them comfortable. Scents are a simple way to add a calming feel. There are many air freshener options today. Always having some air freshener in the bathroom helps others to avoid embarrassing odors too. If you take time to find a comfortable and relaxing bedroom and bathroom, you will be glad you did!


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