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August 3, 2020
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Is The Shag Look Back In?

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One of the most recent trends sweeping the world of interior home decorations is the shag look. Natural area rugs are in big time, and one of the hottest sellers that are currently on the market is the Euro shag natural area rugs. And who can argue against the fact that a hand tufted, shag rug does not finely compliment the interior of any home?

Many people are racing out and buying this resurging trend of shag carpeting and shag area rugs because they are now becoming quickly and widely available at many retail outlets. And to be honest, shag carpeting has a touch, look and a unique feel that clearly separates it from other types of area rugs.

Another part of this hopping trend is the fact that the vintage look for homes is definitely back in. People are refinishing old cabinets, using reclaimed flooring from vintage buildings for their floors and buying vintage remake furniture to decorate the interiors of their homes with. Heck, people are even out there buying vintage bicycles and vintage clothing has even made a popular comeback.

Perhaps the shag look may be back this time for good, who really knows. Many people enjoy a natural shag carpet because they are soft stepping under the foot, they tend to shed lightly and they are relatively easy to maintain, and to clean. Plus, they will look great in most homes, regardless of whether or not that home has any other vintage furniture inside of it.

The best part about this reoccurring vintage trend is that consumers can get their hand on high quality, shag area rugs for relatively cheap prices. As is true with all trends, supply determines demand. And right now the demand for these hot and stylish, shag rugs is enormous, meaning that the frugal shopper can really find some great deals when they take the time to shop around for bargains.

Shag Rugs Are Back in Style, Becoming Widely Available

It seems that every decade or so a vintage trend that seemed to be out for good resurges, and takes a new fore in the world of interior design. The newest resurgence of a classic trend to be seen lately in homes is shag area rugs. The shag look, which originally went out of style in the late 70s, has come back strong is quickly becoming the norm in many homes today. Don't get confused however, the shag rugs of today are a bit different than their vintage counterparts, but still offer a that shaggy, oh so soft under the foot feeling, and they look great in nearly any room of the house.

As more homeowners seek to jump on the bandwagon of this trend, the interior world is seeing an astounding amount of shag rugs become quickly available to meet these rising demands. Shag rugs are typically made from Acrylic Yarn or 100% Wool Yarn or Acrylic/Rayon Blend materials. A high quality shag rug should be hand tufted and hand woven, and made from the highest quality raw materials available.

Shag rugs offer uncompromising quality due to the thickness of the materials that they are created from and because they generally have a 1-2 inch soft pile, and tend to shed less than most other area rugs. They are easily cleaned using common household appliances and when cared for properly, can withstand the test of time. They are also soft stepping beneath the feet and can really brighten up any room in the house.


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