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March 22, 2020
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6 Tips to Be a Great Party Host

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It is a lot easier attending a party than preparing for one, but remember that planning a party can be as fun as attending one. Here are some tips that can help you make your party a truly happy and memorable event.

- Depending on the purpose of your party, get a fun theme that everyone will enjoy. Make sure that when you plan, everything will be in line with the theme. From the invitation, to the food, to the games and activities, everyone should be able to see and feel the theme that you are trying to show. If it is a pool party theme, or a casino party theme - make your decor fit the theme. For costumes, if you are asking everyone to wear one, you can suggest that they be in line with the theme on the invitation.

- The guest list should have the blend of people that will truly have fun together. Do not invite people who you think will not enjoy the party, or that the other guests will not be comfortable having around. But at the same time, do not limit yourself to inviting only those with the same background or interests. What this means is while there are people that you would rather not invite, invite those that will make for good interaction and a good mix because they are able to share their differences as well.

- Now, depending on the theme, create an invitation that will reflect it. And on the guest list, send the invitations ahead of time and make sure that everyone responds especially if it is an RSVP you are after.

- Decorate, but do not over decorate. Just put on the essentials and major theme items in strategic locations, otherwise, too much of little things may look tacky and tasteless.

- Have a time where you will be serving a certain type of food. Make sure that the cold foods stay cold and that hot food items will be kept warm until they are served.

Remember that every aspect of your party should reflect who you are and your personality, but at the same time, think about the comfort, the preference and the things that your guests will love as well when they are at the party.

- During the party, introduce guests to each other and try to facilitate conversation by mentioning things that people might have in common. Pay particular attention to guests that don't know as many people coming into the party. Depending on the people attending, try to organize games and activities that are interactive and allow people to get to know each other.

Creating a great party is not solely dependent on your budget or how creative you are. Remember that people go to parties not simply because of the decor or how lavish it is, but as long as you are inviting your friends for a real good time, remember that the things that people say and do to make the bond more friendly and strong is what counts. Of course the presence of alcohol and having food will help make for a great party, still nothing tops good laughs and good times to make for not just a great but a memorable party.


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