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August 17, 2020
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Easy Flower Crafts That Anyone Can Do

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Arts and crafts can be creative expressions and outlets where you can practice your creativity and create art that can be used for practical purposes or as decorations. There are many different types of crafts and one that is gaining popularity is flower crafts. Especially if you have a garden or can easily obtain flowers, flower crafts are easy, fun, and can be made into different usable or decorative items. Here are some flower crafts that you can do that are fun and easy and takes only a little of your time.

If you want to work with real flowers, flower pots, flower baskets, and pressed flower candles are some of the crafts you can make. To make flower pots, you can add the pressed fresh flowers onto the clay while molding them. The pot can have its natural color, or you can paint it in a contrasting color so the color of the flower can stand out. Flower baskets are lovely items that you can create especially for special events. Place fresh flowers and loose petals in a basket decorated with ribbons and lace and you can decorate the handles as well with ribbons.

For silk or artificial flowers, you can create floral wreaths, centerpieces, holiday decorations such as a valentine bouquet of flowers and candies or Christmas dcor. Floral wreaths can be used as decoration in your living room when placed around candles, on top of the fireplace, or in the center table. Bind the flowers together and place accents of ribbons or bows depending on your style as well. Create dining room centerpieces using silk flowers, whether by placing them on vases or creating small bundles. Holiday decorations are also best with silk flowers because you can store them indefinitely and just pull them out when the season arrives again.

For a romantic valentine decoration, arrange bundles of flowers along with a stuffed toy, preferably a stuffed teddy bear, or with candies such as lollipops or candy canes. Christmas decorations can include wreaths, Christmas tree dcor, and other ornaments that you can accentuate with flowers, like poinsettias.

Creating crafts with flowers is inexpensive and it can serve as quality bonding time with family and friends as well. Most of these crafts only require craft glue, scissors, glitter, and artificial leaves. You can use an old basket and bring it back to life by decorating it with flowers. Old flower pots can also be decorated so you can use them beautifully on the living room once again. During fall and spring, flower crafts can bring you and your family or friends closer. This then becomes more memorable not just because of your output, but most importantly, for the laughter and bonding time shared together.

Practice your creativity and you can create other crafts depending on the type of flower you are working with. Depending on the size, color, and quality of the flower, you can create different crafts that will truly showcase not just the beauty of the flower but your creativity as well.


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