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September 25, 2020
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How To Choose Artificial Plants Or Flowers For Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is always one of the best places in the house to place vegetation, and it does not matter if these are made of artificial plants or flowers or the real deal. This would work especially well if you have lots of sunlight streaming through your kitchen windows. Floor space is also immaterial since you can have hanging decor and kitchen counter decor as well.

However, how many of us have actually seen tacky plants and flowers as part of someone else's kitchen decor? Here are some tips you can use so as not to make the same mistake.

1. Try to keep your artificial plants or flowers decor as realistic looking as possible. One of the best recommendations is for you to actually put in herb boxes on top of one of the kitchen counters. Herb boxes can actually afford your kitchen the subtle colors that you would need to liven up the space.

Of course, it would actually be best to pick the more colorful herbs. Flowering oregano is extremely colorful. Basil may be all green, but its flowers are white and this herb can certainly add a different dimension to your herb box because of its height and unique leaf design.

Other artificial herbs you may want to include are: lemon thyme, rosemary, and mint. For this set, it would be best to acquire an all silk collection of artificial plants or flowers. Silk pieces look more interesting in smaller packages.

2. Incredibly, putting up fake fruit trees and fake vegetables within the kitchen is considered tacky now. So if you are seriously thinking of getting that rubber lemon tree to place in the corner; or that "patch" of cabbage heads for your kitchen counter - I seriously recommend that you don't.

If you want some trees to adorn your kitchen corners, I recommend the shaped or sculpted topiaries. These are great conversation pieces, and quite elegant too. They also fit well with almost any kitchen decor. Trees with unusual colored foliage also work well in well-lit spaces. If you want something that departs from the norm, you could try using (rubber or silk) red maple trees, onion grass, and Chinese evergreens.

3. Do not discount the powerful effects of flowers in the kitchen. This is probably the best place in the house to have that explosion of colors. If you want really nice floral arrangements, you can not lose out when placing some artificial plants or flowers in great looking vases and letting the sunlight shine on them.

Choosing the vases or containers is equally important when it comes to floral arrangements, so try to choose the ones that would either contrast or complement your kitchen decor. For example, you have lime colored walls. You can either have black colored vases (that adds contrast) or yellow to dark green colored vases (that matches the kitchen decor.)

4. Lastly, try to keep your flowers and plants out of the way of normal movement. If your kitchen gets very little foot traffic, you can set up your artificial plants or flowers almost anywhere.

However, if you have kids in the house at all times, and your kids have pets, and you have some of the kids from the neighborhood (along with their parents) dropping by every so often, you may want to try some hanging designs or keeping floral arrangements small and conveniently stowed on top of open kitchen cabinets or the like.


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