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October 10, 2020
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How to Decorate for Day to Day Life

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The best decorating ideas and themes won't work if you fail to take into consideration your family and the way it functions at home. You need to consider the everyday wear that will be placed on all of your furnishings if you've got little kids. For instance, chenille fabrics are a much better choice than silks for obvious reasons. Also, more dark colors, or at the very least medium tones, would be better choices than lighter ones since they are more "family friendly" than, say, white.

Floor coverings as well must be considered. You might love the look and texture of a sisal rug, but it is hard on the knees of small children that are crawling about. If you choose to go with carpeting, then it's worth spending a little extra cash for stain-resistant carpets to protect against grime, spilled drinks, and other accidents that kids and pets may bring about.

Of course, if you are an empty nester or single, go ahead and surround yourself with luxurious fabrics and marble floors if that is to your liking. The important thing is to always consider your tastes and preferences together with how and who will be living in the house, too.

Deciding the Best Way to Decorate

There is truly no correct or incorrect way to decorate, except for a few guidelines to help you create a cohesive and balanced interior decor. Sometimes you may find that you are slightly intimidated by your numerous decorating choices because there are just so many, both in stores and online.

Using books and magazines to search through and tear out pictures of living spaces that speak to you can go a long way in helping you to determine what your desires and style are. You do not have to "copy" a room exactly - take cues from pictures that attract you and if you are able to duplicate an aspect or two or three that you love about it, go for it.

Create for Yourself a Room that Has Harmony

If you would like your room to look unified, you have to find some sort of theme you can incorporate that will tie everything in the room together. If you are able to accomplish this, then you'll achieve unity. Perhaps the unifying theme you have in your family room is "family" - using fun family picture frames will be an important aspect in the room, among other details, the larger details like comfy furnishings.

One method for making sure your room is nicely composed is to make sure the scale is proportionate. You can't combine a low sofa with huge ceilings, and a huge armoire would not look good with a ceiling of normal height. The fabrics you include are important to think about as well. If you have got a couch made from chenille then that's great, but the same material on ornate old-fashioned chairs would just seem odd.

The colors you employ are another very important thing to consider in the design of your room. Try not to use an excessive number of different colors in your room, perhaps two or so, and patterns should be used only if they connect with your theme. Think of the things you take into consideration when you put an outfit together, and use the same guidelines for creating your room.

Incorporating Artwork and Accents

Just as when selecting what jewelry you will accessorize your clothing with, a few carefully chosen accessories can transform a plain room into an incredible room and it's the best way to incorporate your personality into a room. If your style is more classic and traditional you might accessorize with simple black picture frames, or perhaps if you like things a little more distinctive and funky, you might like more elaborate ornamental picture frames.

Your artwork and accessories don't have to be from the same time period; oftentimes it is much more intriguing to mix new and old accessories - fine objects with flea market objects, new purchases with a few hand-me-downs.

Occasionally, simply rearranging furniture or artwork and accessories can give your room a completely new feel and look. You can easily make your room appear completely new by switching accents from one room to another- it will feel like you've gone shopping for new additions! You might be surprised by the quantity of new treasures you discover that you had forgotten about, or just weren't noticed in another room.

You'll find that when you put some of these tips into action, redecorating can actually be not only fun but also practical and efficient.


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