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21 May 20
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Home Fragrance With Natural Soy Candles
In times past, candles were purely a utilitarian item. They had one purpose to fulfill, and that was to provide light. Candles were first made from animal fats, and then beeswax and paraffin. Today we have the next evolution in candles, which is a natural soy candle. Soy candles are made from the oils found in soybeans, so they are completely natural with no petroleum by products.
28 May 20
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Home Improvement Lighting
Many people cannot immediately identify why they may like or dislike a particular room or interior. Proper lighting and illumination is the single most critical factor in designing a pleasing interior environment. A successful lighting design is pleasing to the eye, focuses attention on key room features and eliminates shadows and "hot spots".
20 Jun 20
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How to Choose a Rocking Chair
Do you sometimes find yourself wishing that your favorite TV chair can also be a rocking chair? Is there a new baby in the family that you wish you can sing to sleep in your arms while sitting comfortably yourself? Does your idea of unwinding after a long day's work include reading a book by the fire in the winter or just contemplating the outside scenery in the summer?American fondness for rock
30 Jun 20
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How To Choose The Best Colors And Accessories For Your Bedroom And Bathroom
The bedroom and bathroom are two places in your home that should be calm and relaxing. These rooms should be a refuge away from the stresses of your everyday life. Here are some ways to make that happen.Bedroom: ColorYour bedroom should be decorated in neutral calming colors.
05 Jul 20
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How To Decide Whether To Replace, Refinish, Or Remodel Your Bathroom Vanities?
Do you have some bath room vanities you would like to fix up or just make them look a little bit nicer? Should you refinish your old bathroom vanities or just go buy new ones.
23 Jul 20
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Ideas for Crafty Window Coverings
Curtains are one way to make a room look new and refreshed, but the price of new curtains may give you sticker shock. If you dont have the budget for brand new pricey curtains or you dont want to use traditional window coverings at all, here are some creative ideas to help you get the look you want while sticking to your budget.
03 Aug 20
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Invest in long lasting Wall Art Stickers.
As you probably imagine, there is a wide range of Polaroid Canvas Prints and Wall Art Stickers wherefrom you can choose. Due to this variety, it can be quite challenging to decide on one item over the others. Yet, with a detailed research regarding the best suppliers in the field, you will be able to find your dream prints and stickers sooner than you imagine.
03 Aug 20
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Is The Shag Look Back In?
One of the most recent trends sweeping the world of interior home decorations is the shag look. Natural area rugs are in big time, and one of the hottest sellers that are currently on the market is the Euro shag natural area rugs.
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